Why Media Companies Are Beginning to Pay Close Attention to Snapchat

Jasmine C. Dobbins

Up until recently, people working for media companies looked at the app Snapchat as a irrelevant app to their sort of work where adolescents could send inappropriate or goofy pictures of themselves to their friends that would only last on their story for approximately 24 hours before completely disappearing.

However, opinions about the app have recently changed after people came to the realization that Snapchat was bringing in billions of dollars. $19 billion to be exact, according to an article published by Fortune in 2015. Not to mention the fact that a study done in 2015 showed that over 100 million people use this app on a daily basis meaning that media companies would be able to get breaking news out to a mass group of people within minutes.

Also, media companies may find this to be a rising epidemic because it distributes news to a younger audience in a quick, easy way that will not have to keep their attention for long, but will cover all of the essential details for each breaking news story.

Now that many media companies, such as CNN, have committed to using this app as a resource for millennials to go to when wanting to get their news in an accessible way through the Discovery feature, many have doubts that this will be a long-lasting thing based off of past experiences with other social media outlets who attempted and ultimately failed at hiring media companies to report hard news.

However, Snapchat is on the right track with the Discovery feature, and they even announced that they were hiring a team to cover this year’s election. And because of the fact that Snapchat is a newer concept, there is no permanent business model for them to follow when making these sort of decisions. They are solely focused on what the users want.

This is a good way for younger generations to be in the loop about what is going on around them, and it helps breaking news spread faster in a more efficient, accurate way because it is being reported first-hand by these news company officials.

There was also a feature added that allows everyday users to record anything they may find to be newsworthy, and share it with others under the “Our Story” function, which has shown to be extremely effective.

Because of the fact that journalism is becoming less and less traditional, and is continuing to develop as technology develops at a steady pace, more media companies should start considering coming to terms with the concept and getting on board with it because this could one day be the primary way that everyone gets their news rather than just millennials.


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