Millennials Discuss the Topic of Politics on Yik Yak

Statistics show that millennials have been more involved with the election this year than they have been since the baby boomer generation, and it may stem from the fact that that they are avid Bernie Sanders supporters, or because of the entertainment that comes along with Donald Trump. But whoever they may be voting for in this election, they are making their opinions known through Yik Yak.

One of the hottest topics among Yik Yak users at Towson has been the election and who is running. Whether it’s people coming together to support a candidate, bash a candidate, or simply just observe conversations surrounding the candidates, every user on Yik Yak is exposed to some form of politics on a daily basis through the app.


“I think it plays a pretty significant role. Ever since this election started, it seems to be one of the main topics discussed pretty much everyday,” Towson sophomore Aaron Dodson said.

And because of the fact that the app consists of the anonymous feature, students do not hold back as they discuss this controversial topic. And many debates are known to breakout because of the unfiltered content over the app.

“Most of the comments are negative because the app is anonymous and students say whatever they actually feel about the candidates running. Most of the time it’s people making fun of them,” Dodson said.

However some students feel that most of the content shared over the app pertaining to politics is inaccurate and based off of false information or biased opinions.

“I don’t think the information is accurate because, it’s typically based off of something they’ve seen through social media or heard through their friends rather than them researching it for themselves,” Pennsylvania State University sophomore Roshni Iyer said.

But that doesn’t stop students from feeling the need to share their opinions for others to see. And it seems as though this new epidemic is somewhat of a blessing and a curse for the millennials.

On one hand, students seeing these sort of topics discussed through social media by their peers may motivate them to get involved and vote, but on the other hand, it could easily sway the opinions of other students who already have a specific stance.

“I think that it does somewhat influence their decision. If a student is pulling for one candidate but they see all of their peers are pulling for someone else, and they are seeing all the reasons why their peers don’t like the candidate they like, they may fall under the pressure, and go with the majority,” Dodson said.

But whatever their reason voting or who they are voting for may be, numbers show that this election is bringing in the largest amount of millennial voters in years, and that may be a step in the right direction.

And who are currently the most talked about candidates on Yik Yak right now?

“Definitely Trump and Bernie. But I think overall our generation likes what Bernie and Hillary stand for the most. Trump is a joke to them,” Iyer said.

Well that’s one thing that adults and millennials can finally agree on.


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